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Welcome to the Old World—full of amazing architecture, fine food, and diverse landscapes shaped by many ancient civilizations

What is it that makes Europe an obsession for so many travelers? Would it be the fact that one can island hop around sun drenched Mediterranean islands, walk the cobblestone streets of history, dance til dawn at music festivals or street parties, and soak up the warm vibrant atmosphere? Probably that and so much more!

Whether you are planning a romantic honeymoon or a group vacation, I will work with you to create the perfect Europe vacation package. Maybe you want to explore a country through its cuisine. Perhaps it the history, every country we offer is rich in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. World War II buffs will find plenty to be discovered too. Want to see a town like a local or live in the lap of luxury? Whatever your travel style we have the knowledge combined with expert local guides to make for an amazing vacation.




From England’s mysterious Stonehenge to the soaring mosques of Istanbul, the scope of old and new architecture is dizzying.



Europe has the most prestigious collection of art in the world whether your interest is Renaissance, Impressionist, or Avant-garde.

Old Towns

Quaint Towns

Every city has a charming old square where you can enjoy some street cuisine, read a book, or simply people watch.


Fine Wine

Choose your poison: Irish stout, German lager, Italian wine, Czech absinthe


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